“Where Are We (feat. Marie Davidson)” – Not Waving

London-based artist Not Waving teams up with Montreal-based musician Marie Davidson in this techno synth-punk single “Where Are We,” bringing jabbing synthesizers, Gothic poetry , and a wafer city into one music video.

Director Kristina McCormick depicts the hectic composure of the song through a rushing montage featuring bootleg VHS aesthetics and a city of vanilla wafers.

What begins with a funky guitar riff turns into a synthetic dance hall techno song with bouncing bass lines and punchy synths. “I can feel something coming,” says Davidson says in response to the pulsating synthesizers that emulate an industrial machine pumping out data.

“I’m not really listening,” confesses Davidson, revealing that she avoids that society’s engrossment in instant gratification of media. In the end, it’s like she says: “It’s a sick world we live in.”


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